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August 3, 2018



She never saw it coming –

she never had a clue.

It took a moment to sink in –

you and him and her and you.


She never would have thought it –

not in a million years.

Such things are just unthinkable –

her and you and him – nightmares!


She never saw it coming-

she never had a clue.

Some lines not meant for crossing –

somethings one shouldn’t do.


She never would have found out

without one being close by,

who stood aghast with eyes wide open,

peering through nets that didn’t lie.


She never would forget it –

the moment truth appeared,

the incredulous amusement –

irony on hind legs reared.


She never could dismiss it –

trust forever gone.

The certainty of certainties –

the lost bet that was odds on.


She never could unblock it –

in cycles it came to light.

She even questioned her own judgement,

looking back at dead of night.


She never saw it coming,

her and you and him, it’s true.

Never was a Holy Trinity

so absurd, and so taboo.



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