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July 15, 2016




and sand that filtered through their toes

moments before their system froze,


found feet, as one, an army strong,

(instinctively knowing, something was wrong),


running for cover, this way and that.

Arms gathering children, who innocently sat


at bars and restaurants along the Prom,

and dashing for safety, knowing not what from!


In frenzied panic, a gunshot heard.

Their disturbed minds so unprepared


to deal with violence of this magnitude,

during a family day, in happy mood,


as fireworks that had filled the sky,

left all of France asking the question ‘Why,


on such a day, when peace resumed,

was danger waiting, by hatred consumed.


Impossible to know, what was in store!

Now so hard, going on, living as before,


when sand that filtered through their toes,

as the day began, for those who chose


to celebrate, as friends and family do.

Be sure Dear France, the world loves you.












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