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January 12, 2016



This week, the music world lost a legend.

His album, ‘Blackstar’, the final curtain call.

This coolest re-inventor of all time,

set sexuality free, in us all.


This week, so many fans feel grateful,

as now they sit and reflect,

on the life of a musical genius,

who qualifies for the highest respect.


This week, so many hearts are aching,

as part of our past he owned.

He brought out the ‘rebel’ in all of us,

making sense of what wasn’t condoned.


This week, we said goodbye to our hero.

A ‘one off’, and original soul,

who kept us all together through difficult years.

His exit – a private heavenly stroll.


This week Music has lost it’s ‘Starman’,

but ‘Golden Years’ of ‘Sound and Vision’, live on.

We thank you David Bowie, for your brilliance.

You were an artist, second to none.


Written by Harriet Blackbury.


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