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October 2, 2013



She had never known the likes

of that wild bucking steer.

He was out to win her heart,

but only filled her with fear.


She didn’t approve of him,

she made that clear.

He adored himself,

and drank too much beer.


He invited her to the Rodeo.

He was handsome and slim.

He began to tickle her fancy –

said his name was Texas Jim.


He promised to behave,

so she let down her guard.

But as day turned into night,

she saw through his façade.


So with unfinished business

the order of the day,

she turned her back

and sent him away.


But she couldn’t forget him,

his voice rang out in her ear.

Every face she saw,

was his, coming near.


Then quite out of the blue,

he came back to see her.

Drat the persistence of

that wild bucking steer!


She never spoke of him

from that day to this,

but never forgot his

last, lingering kiss.


And even now, in her dotage,

sat in her old rocking chair,

she stares at the night stillness

and pictures him there.


She knew him only briefly,

but is still moved to tears.

when wondering what became

of her wild bucking steer. 


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