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November 8, 2013



Oh, darkened leaves of the Odipheus tree,

protect me from the powers that be.

Keep whole my heart, my mind refresh,

my soul encase in gossamer mesh.


Light up a path with luminous stars,

like candles burning, held in jars.

I plead for guidance, dear Odipheus tree.

Under darkened leaves, let peace, there be.


I pray for settled times ahead.

By you alone I will be lead.

Older than time, and wiser you be,

than any other kind of tree.


Just by the gate, I found you standing,

your presence powerful and commanding.

Your darkened leaves, bade ‘come to me’,

‘Have you never before seen an Odipheus tree?’


So scared was I, that I did pee.

Never before a tree, had ever spoken to me!

But in my frozen state of mind,

I felt instinctively, that you were kind.


And after my initial spook,

a warming calmness overtook.

Your welcoming way, made me believe.

Only then, my senses, could I retrieve.


I saw your name, edged in the bark.

A swallow came and then a lark.

My thirst was quenched, and I could see,

that I’d found my own Odipheus tree.


For each and every human being,

who common sense, may not be seeing.

I beg them, through the woods go wander,

zig-zag until lost and then meander.


Do not be frightened or alarmed,

as underfoot go creatures charmed.

By them be guided, for they can see,

someone badly needing an Odipheus tree.


The secret of the search is this,

(that many often fail to miss) –

No darkened leaves will bade ‘Come across’,

unless one is utterly, at a loss.


The Odipheus tree is too wise to share

his knowledge and help to those in despair,

unless they attempt, to seek him out alone,

leaving behind them, their mobile phone!







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