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January 3, 2015



‘Please forgive me’,

she said in vain.

‘At least, let me,

try to explain’?


‘Things aren’t the way,

you think they are;

it’s just my humour-

so bizarre’!


No chance’ said he;

the damage done.

‘Pick up your broom,

and go and run’.


‘And take with you,

your acid tongue,

to the gates of hell,

where they belong’.


‘Your answer seems,

to me, extreme!

Your voice in temper,

at a scream’.


‘Could I win you back

with a sweet caress,

and a touch of loving



‘And a succulent steak,

cooked to perfection,

with cupids arrow

sent in your direction’?


‘Put like that,

my mind forgiving;

yes, let’s carry on,

with this game called living’.


‘As long as sticky pudding,

there is to conclude,

served with chocolate sauce

by you, in the nude’?


‘Trust you to push

for that little bit more;

now we’re back at the start,

where we were before’!


‘Oh, and there’s no such service

at this ere’ ranch.

So take or leave the offer

of an olive branch,


before I close

the larder door:

Remember what Oliver Twist got,

when he asked for more’?










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