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February 27, 2017



He stood her up.

He stole her pride.

He sent her on

a wild goose ride,


to nowhere that

she’d ever been –

If he’d just said

‘He wasn’t keen’!


He stood her up.

she waited long,

Listening to repeats

of that same song,


Inside the doorway

of The Robin Hood.

Gently simmering

for his blood.


He stood her up,

so long ago.

Never could she let

the moment go.


For over an hour

she loitered there

With a sinking feeling

of despair.


He stood her up

on the first date,

as guys came and went,

and thought her bait!


And she, naïve –

a cold & wet young teen,

as the Juke Box belted out

Yellow bloody Submarine!


He stood her up –

‘A promise counts for nowt’,

She thought as the wind

blew her brolly inside out,


as the heavens again opened,

with not a rat in sight,

as she trundled home, bedraggled

on that wasted night.  



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