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July 29, 2018



Like a menacing cloud that lingers

and threatens to re-appear.

Never far away

is that next moment of fear.


Like an un-exploded bomb

from an abandoned ambush,

that rears it’s ugly head

causing blood to rush.


Like the constant banging

on a solid oak door

that slowly opens to reveal

a room with a bottomless floor.


Like nightmares from the past

that sit deep within the brain –

What point in going back

down that long forgotten lane?


Like the chance that wasn’t taken

when risk did overpower.

When the ‘deal of deals’ fell through

at the final hour.


Like the one who stayed a while

but ultimately fled !

Was it something that I did?

Was it something  that was said?


Like the never ending torment

that caused a lack of sleep.

Never was a tear shed,

but inside a constant weep.


Like the good days that came

when I thought all would be well,

but one step forward always took me

two steps backwards into hell.


Like a chink in the Armour

where vulnerability seeped through.

Life was never quite the same

after losing you.


Like the day that I discovered

someone suffering more than me.

Only then, with eyes wide open

did self indulgence flee.


Like the day of resurrection

from the old life that he knew.

Being re-born again the answer;

mistakes learnt Рand paid in full, each due. 


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