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May 10, 2016



She made, as whole

the sapling tree.

A fact that did not

escape me.


T’was only when

some freedom found.

I found my life

to turn around.


That hardened shell.

That tough resistance,

instilled in one

who kept their distance.


And yet I know

her heart inside,

in pieces shattered;

no eyes belied.


They all took from her

what was on view,

( the wisest owl

this planet knew)


and used to their advantage

hard lessons taught,

before being dismissed

when freedom sought.


Used and abused?

I don’t think so.

This powerhouse of energy,

a one – woman show.


‘Keep your distance,

and then return’

they all said to do,

‘It’s how to learn!’


She says herself

‘They come and go’,

so many that

she got to know.


But never stops

to wonder why,

in exasperation,

their goodbye?


But she forever struck

a chord with me;

the one who set

my spirit free.


And to this day,

‘respect’ still there.

For one so grand,

and so aware. 





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