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June 24, 2015



Old love that came

at dead of night,

into my mind

by satellite,


and touched my heart

like once before,

then just as quickly,

closed the door.


Old love that is

a lifetime sin,

that should stay buried

deep within,


Yet surfaces,

from time to time;

never free am I,

from this ancient crime.


Old love that is

a burden heavy.

Give me a break,

I’ve paid the levy.


No future built

on heartache’s glow.

The time is right,

old love, please go.


Old love that is,

too hot to handle,

like dying embers

of a candle.


Pray leave me now;

no future can there be,

to my loving you,

or you loving me.


Old love that was

the only thing,

to ever make

my young heart sing.


Take with you knowledge;

of this be certain.

You were the one,

now draw the curtain.






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