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September 27, 2013



She’ll give me grief,

and deny me food,

for no reason at all,

if she’s in that mood.


She’ll read my mind,

and will not flinch,

unless I take a yard,

when she gives an inch.


She’ll go berserk,

and lock me out.

She’ll twist her face,

like a dying trout.


She’ll rant and rave,

like a woman possessed,

even though my innocence,

I will protest.


She’ll string me up,

and whip me hard,

and from her house,

I will be barred.


She’ll raise the roof.

She’ll give me hell.

I’ll need the protection

of a padded cell.


She’ll send me packing.

She’ll show me the door,

even though I plead,

and say her, I adore.


She’ll sit and stew.

and sulk a while.

She’ll avoid eye contact,

in case we smile.


She’ll come around in time,

with the releasing of a weight.

That vixen of a woman

keeps me, on the straight.


She’ll soften up and melt,

like butter in the sun,

and it’s well worth the wait,

for a hug, from honey bun.















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