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December 28, 2013



He longed for his sweet Melissa

who lived across the pond.

They had met on a train journey,

and immediately formed a bond.


By the time his journey terminated,

for many hours, they’d been confined.

Hers carried on to the airport,

but by then, she was stuck in his mind.


By the time of their separate,

his composure, he’d had to restrain.

He mentally tracked her footsteps,

and felt insurmountable pain.


What attracted him to Melissa,

he could never quite understand.

From the second they’d started talking,

his emotions had got out of hand.


They knew so little about each other.

Their personal life wasn’t even discussed.

They seemed alone in a whole new universe.

A sudden connection, with full force thrust.


He had stood to leave the compartment,

and lifted his bag, with a heartfelt sigh,

before turning back and saying to Melissa

‘I hope that this isn’t a final goodbye?


Her smouldering eyes had then looked at him,

and she gave a smile he would never forget.

before silently handing him her business card,

hoping her actions, she wouldn’t live to regret!







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