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July 25, 2017



I am rescued

to a life of solitude;

I am king

of all I survey.

The loneliness

is immeasurable,

but I cope

living day to day.


I am rescued

from a cruel start to life,

where I was

chained up all day.

My bed was

my own faeces –

No other place

for me to lay.


I am rescued

by a kindly soul,

who gives me

food and water, it’s true.

But walks

are to a minimum,

for normal functions

that I must do.


I am rescued

to a far better place,

away from the

hellhole I knew.

And for that

I’m truly grateful,

but loneliness

still makes me blue.


I am rescued

but still imprisoned,

and boredom

has sent me insane.

After a three minute

walk each morning,

back indoors

is where I remain.


I am rescued

but still isolated,


and un-socialised.

I exist in a world

of make-believe.

My own thoughts

will be my demise.


I am rescued

to routine predictable.

Everyday at noon

I hear the door-key,

And along the road

we saunter,

for my usual

three minute wee.


I am rescued

but live in a bubble.

How much sleep

does one dog need?

Afternoons drag on


until five o clock

when I’m back on my lead.


I am rescued

but going off my mind.

For many years it’s

been this way.

These three minute

walks to freedom –

my lifestyle twice,

every single day.


I am rescued

to evenings of madness.

No lovely long

walks in the park.

Instead, my owner

sits endlessly listening,

to bloody repeats of

Beethoven and Bach.


I am rescued

but may as well be alone;

my owner not much company

asleep in the chair.

And though I sit at the door

asking for a late night wee,

most times my hinting

goes unaware.


I am rescued

and glad of the morning –

and another start to

Ground Dog Day,

But I have a roof over my head,

and food and water,

and for that,

I thankfully pray.


I am rescued

and serve a purpose.

My owner loves me,

I have to say.

And though at times

I could bolt to freedom,

I’m needed here –

It has to be this way.



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