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September 10, 2015



On the city streets they drive;

queues not to their liking.

But couriers, one and all, get through,

listening to Chris Spedding’s ‘Motor biking’.


Trailers for sale or rent;

the first line to ‘King of the Road’.

This song a hit for Roger Miller,

when drivers easily delivered their load.


‘Convoy G B’, a one hit wonder,

for Laurie Lingo and the Dipsticks.

(Two famous D J’s in disguise,

back then, in seventy six).


In nineteen eighty, ‘Poison Ivy’

zoomed to number seven,

with the help of the Lambrettas

though not quite reaching heaven.


The ‘Bright side of the road’,

was Van Morrison’s choice,

when riding high in 79,

with his distinctive voice.


This Italian group – Black Box,

with ‘Ride on Time’, made number one,

But T Rex reached number two,

choosing to ‘Ride a white Swan’.


The U.S. group – The Cars,

in 84, had a hit with ‘Drive’.

This song also a re-entry,

arriving back in 85.


Burt Bacharach sang of separation,

with his ‘Trains and boats and planes’.

This hit too, for Billy J Kramer and the Dakota’s

shows how parting, brings tear stains.


When life’s motorways are blocked,

and the journey full of aches and pains.

we have to soldier on

across mountainous terrains,


and reach the other side,

on foot, if all else fails.

The load must be delivered,

no matter what the trip entails.


And when the travelling over,

and the destination complete,

We are stronger for the experience,

and the next challenge, able to meet.


Written By Harriet Blackbury












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