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December 7, 2015



Ram Jam sang ‘Black Betty’

back in 77,

and 90 saw the re-mix,

once again in heaven.


From Canada, Alannah Myles,

in 90 reached No.2,

when her ‘Black Velvet’ quenched

the thirst of me and you.


An early hit for this group,

who always had the knack.

‘Black Magic Woman’ could only

have come from Fleetwood Mac.


‘Paranoid’ or not,

Black Sabbath ruled the day.

This group we know and love,

and it will always stay that way.


Our first lady of Liverpool:

Cilla, always saved the day.

And also from this city, China Crisis,

in 85, had a hit with ‘Black Man Ray.


This next fast-moving disco classic,

up the chart to No.1 did climb:

In 89, Black Box getting it right

with their ‘Ride On Time’


Yearning for ‘The Black Hills Of Dakota’,

in 54, was our American sweetheart, Doris Day,

after her song ‘Secret Love’, at No.1,

had previously led the way.


‘Standing In The Road’ came in 72,

making it to No.4 for Blackfoot Sue.

Their follow on, ‘Sing Don’t Speak’,

a Top 40 hit too.


La Belle Époque with ‘Black Is Black’,

a 77 Disco tune, forever on our mind.

The re-entry reaching No.2,

This summer hit, one of a kind.


This next song twice a hit;

be it a decade apart.

Deep Purple with Black Night,

winning every heart.


Some say black is sombre.

Some say black as drab as grey.

Others feel black is powerful,

but black is here to stay.


Black shows a sense of smartness,

and with white is monochrome.

The path of peace, an easy walk,

now black has made it home.












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