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October 30, 2019



In 82, ‘Space Age Love Songs’, made No.34,

for A Flock Of Seagulls, on Jive.

And in 07, ‘Stage One’, on Hooj Choons,

for Space Manoevres, reached No.25.


In 83, ‘Can’t Stop Running’, on Innervision,

for Space Monkey, peaked at No.53.

And in 02, Space Frog, on Tripoli Trax,

reached No.70, with ‘X Ray Follow Me’.


In 97, ‘Space Jam’, climbed to No.57,

for Quad City DJS, on Atlantic.

And in 98, ‘Spacedust’, made No.1,

on East West, with ‘Gym & Tonic’.


In 77, ‘Magic Fly’, on Pye International,

for French male trio – Space, flew to the Top 2.

And in 96, ‘Spaceman’, on EMI,

was a platinum – selling No.1, for Babylon Zoo.


In 96, ‘Storm’, on Hooj Choons,

for The Space Kittens, a No.58 made.

And in 98, Space Raiders, on Skint,

reached No.68, with ‘Glam Raid’.


In 69, ‘Space Oddity’, on Philips,

for David Bowie, soared to No.1.

An in 98, ‘Spacehog’, peaked at No.43,

on Sire, with ‘Carry On’.


In 96, ‘Neighbourhood’, on Gut,

took UK male group – Space, to No.11.

And in 97, ‘Forgiven ( I Feel Your Love)’,

on Manifesto, for Space Brothers, peaked at No.27.


In 90, ‘The Space Jungle’, on MCA,

gave Adamski, a No.7 joy.

And in 03, ‘Just Put Your Hand In Mine’,

on Southern Fried, made No.71, for Space Cowboy.



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