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March 17, 2017



At No.1 in 61 singing ‘Runaway’,

Del Shannon took to the floor.

‘Run To The Sun’ sang Erasure

decades later – reaching No.6 in 94.


‘Keep On Running’, a No.1,

for The Spencer Davis Group in 65,

and ‘Keep Moving’ in 99 also,

a No.1 for the UK male group – Five.


At No.4 in 71, Tami Lynn sang

‘I’m Gonna Run Away From You’,

and ‘Run To Me’ by The Bee Gees,

their 7th Top Ten, coming in 72.


‘Run Baby Run’ by The Newbeats,

a hit of 71, making No.10.

In 95 Sheryl Crow’s hit ‘Run Baby Run’

a different song she helped to pen.


At No.34 with ‘Running Free’ in 80,

Iron Maiden hit the scene,

& ‘Running Free (Live)’ saw Iron Maiden

in 85 reaching No.19


Their ‘Run To The Hills’, in the Top 10,

in both 82 and 2002,

and ‘Run To The Hills (Live)’ in 85

also giving Iron Maiden a Top 30 pew.


In 80 ‘Running With The Devil’ by Van Halen

followed by ‘Jump’ in 84 – their first Top 10,

also ‘Running With The Night’ in 84,

saw Lionel Richie with his 4th Top 10.


In the charts of 61, Roy Orbison,

at No.9 with ‘Running Scared’.

The year after ‘Only The Lonely’ –

his first No.1, some fans preferred.


‘Running Up The Hill’, in 85,

got Kate Bush to No.3,

and ‘Run To You’ found Bryan Adams

at No.11, as fans screamed gleefully.


In 79, Meatloaf meant business,

singing like a ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ – I’ll be gone.

And with ‘Running In The Family’, in 87,

at No.6, Level 42 shone.


In 80, along came ‘Runaway Boys’,

getting The Stray Cats to No.9.

and ‘Run For Home’ by Lindisfarne in 78,

their 3rd hit to cross the Top 10 line.



Whether running away or towards something –

be it up hills or running down dales.

Or round in circles, never getting anywhere,

and feeling like a ship without sails.


No matter how tiresome your journey,

or how heavy your old knapsack,

just point your head towards the future,

and keep on running and don’t look back.


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