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March 9, 2019



Twenty five chart entries on XL Recordings

(between 91 – 2005) made sure Prodigy always on view.

Their first hit being ‘Charly’, making the Top 3,

and in 92, ‘Everybody In The Place (EP)’ reaching No.2


Also in 92, Fire /Jericho’ peaked at No.11, and

‘Out Of Space/Ruff In The Jungle Bizness’ made No.5.

In 93, ‘Wind It Up (Rewound)’, another No.11,

and ‘One Love’, at No.8, did arrive.


In 94, ‘No Good (Start The Dance)’, peaked at No.4,

with ‘Voodoo People’ making No.13.

In 95, ‘Poison’ followed, reaching No.15,

and in 96, gold seller ‘Firestarter’, at No.1, was seen.


Also in 96, ‘Charly’ re-appeared at No.66,

and ‘Fire/Jericho’ at No.63, a hit too.

And ‘No Good (Start The Dance)’, re-appearing at No.57,

and also, ‘Out Of Space/Ruff In The Jungle Bizness, at No.52.


Still in 96, ‘Poison’ again in the charts, at No.62,

as was ‘Voodoo People’, this time at No.75.

With ‘Wind It Up (Rewound)’ peaking at No.71,

and ‘Everybody In The Place (EP), at No.69, did arrive.


Next came ‘Breathe’ – a platinum seller and UK No.1,

and finishing 96 ‘Firestarter’ peaked at No.53.

And in 97, ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ reached No.8,

and in 02 ‘Baby’s Got A Temper’, a Top 5, we did see.


In 04, ‘Girls’ peaked at No.19.

Also in 04, ‘Charly’ re-appeared at No.73.

In 05, ‘Voodoo People/Out Of Space’, a Top 20,

and their last hit on XL Recordings, was to be.


In 09, now on  -Take me to the hospital – 

arrived ‘Omen’ with a No.4 prance.

And ‘Invaders Must Die’ followed at No.49,

and still in 09, at No.13 was ‘Warrior’s Dance’


Also in 09, ‘Take Me To The Hospital’ at No.38,

on the – Take me to the hospital – label.

And ‘Invader’s Must Die’, re-appeared at No.74,

and ends this tribute to the Prodigy stable.



Thank You for the music

RIP    Keith Flint     1969 – 2019




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