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March 8, 2019



In 82, ‘Market Square Heroes’, on EMI

gave Marillion a No.60 slot.

And in 83, ‘He Knows You Know’,

also on EMI, gained a No.35 spot.


In 83, ‘Market Square Heroes’ –

still on EMI, returned at No.53.

And also in 83, ‘Garden Party’,

on EMI, made a No.16 plea.


In 84, ‘Punch And Judy’,

on EMI, entered the Top 30 door.

And ‘Assassing’ at No.22 –

still on EMI, their last hit of 84.


In 85, ‘Kayleigh’, on EMI,

was a No.2 hit, so fine.

Followed by ‘Lavender’ at No.5,

and ‘Heart Of Lothian’ at No.29.


In 87, ‘Incommunicado’ reached No.6, with

‘Sugar Mice’ & ‘Warm Wet Circles’ – both at No.22.

And in 88, ‘Freaks (Live)’, at No.24, on EMI’,

and in 89, ‘Hooks In You’, on Capitol, took a Top 30 pew.


In 89, ‘Uninvited Guest’, on EMI, was at No.53,

and in 90, ‘Easter’, at No.34, was to be.

In 91, ‘Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)’ on EMI, at No.34.

and also in 91, ‘No One Can’, climbed to No.33.


Closing 91, ‘Dry Land’, on EMI, saw another No.34,

and in 92, ‘Sympathy’ on EMI, was at No.17.

Their last hit of 92, saw ‘No One Can’ return at No.26,

and in 94 – still on EMI, ‘The Hollow Man’, at No. 30, was seen.


Also in 94, ‘Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury’, made No.53,

and in 95, ‘Beautiful’ peaked at No.29 – their last hit on EMI.

In 04 – now on Intact, ‘You’re Gone’ ┬árose to No.7,

and ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’, on Intact, made a No.16 high.


In 07, ‘See It Like A Baby’,

on Intact, reached No.45.

And also in 07, ‘ThankYou Whoever You Are’,

also on Intact, at No.15, did arrive.



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