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June 5, 2019



In 70, ‘Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)’, on Bell,

gave Edison Lighthouse, a No.1, for a five week stay.

And in 74, ‘Pepper Box’, on Spark,

for french duo, Peppers – up to No.6, found a way.


In 93, ‘Circles’, on Wea label,

for Saffron, a Top 60, was to be.

And in 04, ‘Cinnamon Girl’, on Columbia,

took Prince up to No.43.


In 78, ‘I Thought It Was You’, on CBS,

for Herbie Hancock, reached No.15.

And in 03 ‘My Love Is Always’, on Illustrious,

for Saffron Hill featuring Ben Onono, at No.28, seen.


In 67, ‘Mellow Yellow’, on Pye,

for Donovan, at No.8, did arrive.

And in 68, ‘Jennifer Juniper’, also on Pye,

gave Donovan, his fourth Top 5.


In 97, ‘Spice Up Your Life’, on Virgin,

saw The Spice Girls with their fifth No.1, riding high.

And in 2000, ‘Is It Love’, on Ministry Of Sound,

in the charts at No.37, for Chili Hi Fly.


In 88, ‘Twist And Shout’, on ffrr label,

gave Salt-N-Pepa, a No.4 life.

And in 97, ‘Ginger’, on Rhythm King,

made No.54, for David Devant & His Spirit Wife.


In 90, ‘I Wanna Be Free’, on Virgin,

saw Minty, on the No.67 line.

And in 90, ‘Taste The Pain’, on EMI-USA,

found Red Hot Chili Peppers, at No.29.


In 85, ‘Lavender’, on EMI,

for Marillion, made the Top 5 grade.

And in 04, Eastern Lane, with ‘Saffron’,

reached No.55, on Rough Trade.



by Harriet Blackbury

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