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December 14, 2015



This early seasonal song,

a long time hit for Brenda Lee,

gets everybody in the mood

‘Rocking around the Christmas Tree’.


‘and here it is Merry Christmas’

a line that pulls at the heartstrings,

as memories come flooding back,

when nostalgia, a tear brings.


as the undisputed masters,

of Christmas records ever made,

with ‘Merry Xmas Everbody’,

sing out Noddy Holder and Slade.


Christmas comes but once a year,

but not if Wizzard had their way.

Something they never fail to tell us is,

‘I wish it could be Christmas Everyday’.


A more recent Christmas song,

from Chris Rea hit the spot.

His ‘Driving Home For Christmas’

proving family life, means a lot.


And not forgetting one of the very best

‘feel – good’ video’s ever made.

Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ hit putting,

all the others in the shade.


And just when you thought no better songs

at Christmastime could sound more classy,

with their version of ‘The Christmas Song’

along comes Blake, with our own Shirley Bassey.


And every year a new Christmas song –

offers something a bit different, than before.

This years surprise is  ‘Here Comes Christmas’

by Scott and NB 4.


If only the sentiment of Christmas,

could be expressed, all year long !

‘Why Can’t We Live Together’, asked Timmy Thomas,

in the world’s most unanswered song.



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