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June 24, 2015



Back in the 60’s

when Bob Lord was king,

and life at Burnley FC

went with a swing,


A young fan of the club

to Turf Moor would hurry.

He watched every home game,

and was known as Gerry.


He stayed loyal through grim times,

and many there were!

But success came as well

for supporters to share.


Gerry liked a good sing-song;

a laugh and a joke,

and like the Houghton Weavers,

preferred to sing mostly ‘Folk’.


At times when Burnley lost,

he’d sing a shanty or a dirge,

and take requests from Blackburn fans;

‘sing Wild Rover’,  they’d urge.


He saw many games abandoned,

due to a water-logged pitch,

or ten inches of snow,

sent by the Pendle witch.


But with dogged determination,

and a folk song in his head,

he’d go to most away games;

to which ever town that led.


And though he could have followed,

PrestonWigan or Bury?

He stayed loyal to his team,

did dependable young Gerry.


He even shunned watching Bolton,

when at it’s height with Allardyce.

And saw Rochdale and Bury as non-starters,

though was dragged there once or twice,


always under much duress,

with some relative or friend.

whilst his heart would be with Burnley,

playing down in Brighton or Southend!


When his fave Manager – ‘Stan the man’,

Hip-hopped down to Gigg Lane,

Gerry did attend more games there,

once he’d recovered from the pain.


So Folk music and Football

sure have floated his boat,

since back in the sixties,

when he wore his duffel coat.


‘Those were the days’ sang Mary Hopkins,

and Roger Whittaker sang Durham Town.

Whilst Haslingden’s very own Gerry,

was the local folk hero, renown.


So whether it’s ‘Gerry – the singer’

or ‘Gerry – the Burnley fan’,

he’s stayed true to what he loves,

because he’s just that kind of man.




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