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February 19, 2014



How refreshing is ‘dry’ January,

with no sluggish starts to the day,

as we recover from the party season

by keeping excess at bay.


The body begins to repair itself,

and the bloated look leaves our cheeks,

now the wine that seemed so essential,

is out of sight for four weeks.


And for a time, only still water,

flowing fast through each vein.

No dreaded trips to the bottle bank

and being caught in the pouring rain.


A chance to reflect in all seriousness,

what the lack of consumption makes,

to our mood and general demeanour;

no ‘morning after’ headaches or shakes.


And although February starts off cautiously,

with good intent to stay dry and have none

all too soon arrives good old Valentines Day,

when glasses clink and the game is back on. 






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