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August 17, 2012



She did her share of wild-child living.

She was a rebel without a cause.

So lead her not back into temptation, Lord,

on the good path, let her pause.




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July 15, 2012



Teach the little ones to pray

It will help them through their toughest day

Teach the little ones to eat

It will set them up with the top elite

Teach the little ones to love

It will help their hand fit into the glove

Teach the little ones to sleep

It will restore their body, like little bo-peep

Teach the little ones to smile

It will get them over many a style

Teach the little ones to hope

When you’re gone, it will give them hope.



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Lead him not into temptations path,

for he is a succour for life on the wild side.

And will embrace all that is on offer,

on a reckless, roller coaster ride.



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April 11, 2012


Subliminal genius

God given talents

Heaven sent intuition

All gifts of life available

to those willing to open

up their minds



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April 2, 2012



Suet pudding and Eccles cakes

Oh, what goodies Grandma makes.


No ready meals in the microwave,

Just wholesome food, for which we rave.


No boil in a bag, or defrost is needed,

We asked for apple pie- in fact, we pleaded!


Coming through the door the aroma is divine,

And there’s a pot of tea, but never any wine.


 On Sundays she cooks beef or perhaps a leg of lamb.

In the week she makes pea soup with a hock of ham.


She’s plastered on the butter since I was at her knee,

How heart disease escapes her is a mystery to me!


It doesn’t seem to harm the generation she came from

Once a year she goes to Blackpool and strolls along the Prom.


Time to listen, she’s never in a mood,

It’s good at Grandma’s ‘cos she cooks real food.


Old fashioned values and home baked bread.

Followed by cocoa, taken up to bed.


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