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September 13, 2016


‘Never’ arrived without any warning.

Not a hint or inkling was there.

Out of the blue, life came to a standstill,

without sense or seconds to spare.


Just a normal day like any other;

the same route he would always frequent.

No goodbye peck or farewell greeting,

to the other side, quick as lightning he went.


A lifetime of memories called on,

in that instance, when life quickly spent.

Emotion and anger reaching the surface:

All the things unsaid, but so truly meant.


The end – the shock of finality;

the next stage, in that second was there.

Now faced with a lifetime of solitude,

when so happy was life as a pair.


Two swans happily sailing together,

raising their offspring on the lake.

Until the Penn so callously taken,

leaving the Cob with new plans to make.


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