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February 4, 2021


Everyone of us

leaves a trail

as soon as ever

our ship sets sail.


Everyone of us

is duty bound

to help others who

have hit the ground.


Everyone of us

needs to talk

to strangers

on our daily walk.


Everyone of us

is quite unique

and yet so similar

when we hold hands and speak.


Everyone of us

needs to see

the wonder of nature

in every tree.


Everyone of us

needs a friend

to prevent us going

round the bend.


Everyone of us

will at some point dwell

on the repercussions

of raising hell.


Everyone of us

has the choice

to just stay silent

or to have a voice.


Everyone of us

can happiness find

with a positive attitude

of heart and mind.


Everyone of us

knows right from wrong

so lets rejoice in the truth

and stay on song.


Everyone of us

will look back and sigh

whilst wondering ‘What if?’

when a lost chance goes by.


Everyone of us

needs a fighting spirit

to survive rough times

and new life inherit.


Everyone of us

has to die.

when our number is up

that’s it  –  goodbye.


Everyone of us

is equal in heaven

with the Lord insisting

‘Lights out at seven’.


Written by Harriet Blackbury.


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