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January 18, 2022



He hasn’t a nasty bone in his body,

but has the exuberance of a child,

who sometimes act before they think,

when ideas are running wild.


He has a generosity of spirit,

with vulnerability sometimes on view.

And just like me and you,

at times he is fallible too.


He is loved by those adventurous,

but scorned by those with a virtuous view.

And in an effort to land on middle ground,

easily finds himself in a stew.


But we all know and love, people like him.

In our own lives, there are those, with this trait!

Who we protect and make allowances for.

Well, that is my belief, at any rate.


Who could blame him for feeling euphoric,

as his master plan began to unfold?

Who would not understand all the frustration,

that he alone, on his shoulders, had to hold?


Who would deny him an in-house Thank You,

when he had just saved us from going into extinction?

Even Winston Churchill liked the odd snifter,

and he finished up with a distinction.


He is the best we have at this moment,

and a bit more support wouldn’t go amiss.

To try and be all things, to all people,

is such an impossibility, at times like this.


written by

Harriet Blackbury   January 2022


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