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April 22, 2015



The need for time off;

we all heave a sigh,

and flee to the sea,

or take to the sky.


The need for a change,

as we wave goodbye;

Never looking back,

now no rules apply.


We are free at long last,

to do as we please;

no ‘yes sir, no sir’,

now life lived at ease.


We are free from restrictions,

and slowly wind down;

enjoying days of laughter,

and nights out on the town.


But how good it will feel,

to be on our way back.

The strain feeling heavy,

from our loaded knapsack.


And how good it will feel,

to have structure once more,

and assistance to cope with,

what the day has in store.


The ‘build up’ to going;

an adrenalin rush.

The ‘build up’ to returning;

life’s fickle ambush.


The ‘build up’ to anything;

the excitement, the urge.

The ‘build up’, the ‘build up’;

let blood pressure surge.





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