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March 5, 2015



I heard you were dying,

and started to cry.

I put pen to paper,

but the ink, it ran dry.


No words could I find,

that suited the bill.

Then a blot on the page,

from the tip of my quill,


appeared as I hovered;

my hand shaking above,

the final letter to you,

unwritten with love.


Then I came to my senses,

and words started to flow.

I remembered the people

we both used to know,


and the schooldays we spent,

all came flooding back;

Like when we played netball,

and you were goal attack.


I thought you the smartest

achiever in school,

whilst us lot were clowns

who acted the fool.


I then abandoned the letter;

don’t ask me why?

I suddenly felt the urge,

to say a personal goodbye.


So I raced to your bed

in haste, I do swear;

only to find a new patient,

now lying there!


Forgive me, dear friend,

for it wasn’t to be:

The last time I didn’t see you,

will stay long with me!




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