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July 5, 2012



People scurrying for the Tube,

during a working day.

Going about their business,

in their normal kind of way.


Rich and poor alike they weaved,

through the bowels of the city.

Never knowing their fate that day.

Oh God, it was a pity.


Innocent folks from far and wide,

it could have been you or me.

But we cannot walk on eggshells,

nor into the minds of killers, see.


To read about it in the papers,

brought sadness to our souls.

And to happen so soon after ‘Live8’,

hampered our world peace goals.


We went from ecstasy into agony,

as we celebrated our Olympic bid.

It brought us back to reality.

Of terror – will we ever be rid?


But those precious family members,

lost on the bus and the Underground.

Will never be forgotten,

whilst there’s so much love still around.






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