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March 16, 2012

Let’s sink a few pints in the bar tonight

And forget all our worries and cares

Then follow them up with some chasers

Brandy, or whisky…… who cares?


Let’s all get legless and abusive,

And chant to our hearts content.

Then on the way home have a curry,

And say what a good night we’ve spent.


Tomorrow we’re out at the ‘footy’ match

But we meet in the pub at twelve

And sink three more pints, ah, that’s better!

Again into our pockets we delve.


I think I might have a pork pie,

Or maybe I might even have two.

That should take me up to half time,

When I’ll have two more pints – it’s true!


I probably won’t know what the result is,

When the game finally comes to a close.

As I usually drop off in the second half

And have a bit of a doze.


On the way home I pass the hot dog stand

And I normally have two of those.

 They set me up for the night you see,

A Saturday night on the town.


When I’ll probably have a pint of Guinness,

Or maybe a Newky Brown.

I always have a bag of pork scratchings,

And another pint to wash them down.


Then I might have a Bailey’s chaser,

If I get into that kind of mood.

Before I call off at the Chippy,

Oh, how I do love my food.

Last week when I ambled home,

I was glad to reach our gate.

I had such pains in my arms and chest,

I think it was something I ate!


Sunday lunch at the pub is just great,

We take bets who can drink the most.

I’d tell you that I always win,

But I really don’t want to boast.


These pains in my chest have come back,

And I can’t seem to get rid of this cough.

I’m just out to have my last supper

Before they carry me off.



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