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June 15, 2014



The train that left from Meadow View,

set off with a choo, choo, choo.

For all onboard, excitement grew,

as the Station Master’s whistle blew.


Each mile of track, a promised view;

the train gathered speed, under skies of blue.

A whole week off work with nothing to do,

except chill out and live life anew.


With bags and suitcases at the ready,

and a walking stick to keep old Joe steady.

From the platform, you headed for the tram;

for the next few days, not giving a damn.


Come rain or shine, there was fun to be had.

No clocking on, or in overalls clad,

or hob nailed boots or iron soled clogs;

a rest from the graft of turning cogs.


So essential, a knotted hanky, for the chaps,

who’d never been seen without their flat caps.

And long trousers turned up, to the knee,

was the only way, on the beach, to be.


Sitting in a deck chair, with a tub of ice cream,

as children, in merriment, around you scream.

And just as you unwind from all the hassle,

your hand is pulled, to ‘built a sandcastle!


And you think to yourself  ‘work just never stops’,

as the wife and her sister, bugger off to the shops,

leaving you hard at it, but you do it with pride,

making sure it’s bigger, than the one by your side.


 And after a beer, down the deck chair you slide,

keeping an eye on the kids, now on a donkey ride.

and nodding off behind your newspaper you hide,

with the sun at full pelt and the sea at high tide.


Only to find they’ve all gone, and left you to fry,

without so much as a nudge or even a goodbye.

Tho’ they’ll all claim, to wake you, they couldn’t,

and drinking in the sun, you really shouldn’t!


So looking like a lobster, to safety you paddle,

to face their hysterics and feminine twaddle.

Avoiding smirks from folks on the promenade,

and blokes finding, not to laugh, very hard.


and all thinking, ‘Been there, got the plaque’,

‘and tonight you’ll be sleeping on your back’

‘and tomorrow you’ll feel like you want to die,

when the kids insist the big wheel, you try!


What excitement it is, a change from routine.

How the neighbours with envy, will turn green!

But how good it will feel to pack your cases

and go home to familiar people and places,


looking burnt to a cinder, and needing a rest,

before it begins again; the ‘cost of living’ stress,

that builds to explosion, when holidays are due,

but a blessing that work, you’ll be returning to.


So you wave a hand to the train at Meadow View,

as it sets off again with a choo, choo, choo.

‘What a lovely time’ you’ll say, was had by all,

as you clock in to work, and yourself, re-install.






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