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May 11, 2012



By chance, I came across Veronique

               one Sunday morning in a Riga street.

                                    She touched my very soul.

     No more than nine or ten herself and

               already a surrogate mother

                       out walking with her siblings

                                    In charge

                                              In control

                           Yet, so soft and gentle


    She cradled her tiny young cat, Bonzic

                       as if a babe in arms.

                                     He let her too!

           He seemed content

                        and protected.

      We chatted

                       Had instant rapport

She was as bright as a button

          and introduced me to her eldest brother

              around the age of six or seven.

                     His teeth in a state of decay


      In a push chair were two more children

                           Looked like twins

                                    aged two or three

                                           or so it seemed to me


At the time my heart was breaking.

              I was stressed

                           and out of my tree.

                  Obsessed with my own problems


I wanted to walk on with those children

                              Stay with them forever

              They had nothing

                                 Yet, they had everything

                 Love, contentment, bonding

                             I could barely pull myself away

                                    They taught me so much



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