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April 14, 2016



Vague shadows of a life now past;

a ticking time-bomb, beating fast.

A melting moment, soon dissolved,

when so in love, when so involved.


Vague glimpses of those vibrant rooms;

such laughter once, now catacombs.

And only echoes left behind,

as each word spoken, brought to mind.


Vague hopes of meeting – not a chance;

a fool indeed, who dares, a backward glance.

Why kill the dream, the mind holds pure?

Though the pain of loss, hard to endure!


Vague memories finally put to bed;

no more, thoughts linger in the head.

An exorcism, now executed

No more, the heart is persecuted.


Vague thoughts of everything I do,

from the last second that you withdrew.

In truth, a blur, a tormented hell;

a lone existence – this empty shell.


Vague shadows of a life now through;

you’re done with me, I’m done with you.

So tightly hands held ‘goodbye grips’,

til the last touch of finger tips.







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