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March 20, 2012


When emotions are running high,

And logic has gone out of the window.

When all sense of hope is gone

And life is but a faint glow.


When all we can do is take stock

And somehow try to get through.

We still can manage a smile

And even a joke or two!


Try to keep each day normal,

Said some very meaningful friend.

Try to just love each other,

Until life’s sweet, bitter end.


When emotions are still running high

And each day sees a new destination,

With yet another hill to climb

All that’s left is determination.


Then finally, acceptance sets in.

And we’re in the cul-de-sac of  ‘No Hope’,

We wander in utter disbelief

No more straws are there now left to grope.


It’s now that we feel reflective,

And relive in our minds the good times.

As we gaze up at the old church clock,

As on the hour, he once again chimes.


That was it then, that was OUR book

And what a good read it made.

For one thing I’m ever grateful

We never lived life in the shade.




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