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March 13, 2015



…and you the one

who kept me strong,

when days were endless,

nights were long.


When I, not sure

of life or death,

or near to taking

my last breath.


Knowing you were by me

eased my pain.

You were the one

who kept me sane.


My life in limbo,

like a ticking clock,

and all the while,

you were my rock.


I knew I had to

make it through;

to share with you

those skies of blue.


So much more living,

I prayed there’d be,

even when recovery,

really got to me.


I dreamt we’d travel.

I had a master plan.

I said to God,

‘don’t let me kick the can.’


‘I need her with me

in the promised land,

but I’d prefer on earth

to hold her hand,


a good while longer,

if it be your will:

This gift of life,

my one hope to fulfill’.




Now each moment cherished

by the simplest things;

walks by the river,

as the song bird sings.


And I thank you sweetheart

from the bottom of my heart.

I’m yours forever,

until the oceans part.


There’s one more thing,

and this you must hear.

‘I’ll love you always,

my darling dear.




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