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April 22, 2015



She sold Lemon Bon-bons.

She sold Liquorice sticks.

She sold Chocolate soldiers,

and popcorn for the flicks.


She sold Sherbet fountains.

She sold Penny Arrow bars.

and Uncle Joe’s mint balls,

kept in screw-top jars.


She sold tubes of Love Hearts.

She sold Wagon Wheels.

She sold Fry’s Crème bars,

and White Mice, at special deals.


She sold Cadbury’s Fruit And Nut.

She sold Nestles Milky Bar,

and Sarsaparilla Drops,

and treacle toffee that stuck like tar.


She sold Rowntrees Fruit Gums

She sold Mivvi Lollies,

and Jammie Dodgers

to pensioners with their trolley’s.


She sold Sticks of Rock.

She sold Barley Sugars;

often clipping the ears,

of thieving little buggers.


She sold monster Gobstoppers.

She sold Pontefract Cakes,

and frozen Jubblys,

and Nutty Toffee tray- bakes.


She sold Linctus cough drops.

She sold Spangles too,

and Wrigley’s Gum,

for an all day chew.


She sold Dolly Mixtures.

She sold Walnut Whips,

and Murray Mints,

with ‘too good to hurry’ quips.  


She sold Flying Saucers,

before saying goodbye,

to open her new sweet shop,

high in the sky.   



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