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October 29, 2014



I saw a large cat

with an extra long tail,

disappear through my hedge

during a snow-blizzard gale.


It’s black sleekness stood out;

I thought ‘Dear god, what’s that?’

I knew in an instance,

it was no ordinary cat.


It was the day before Christmas Eve;

how I remember it well.

I picked up the phone;

surrounding neighbours to tell.


With heart beating fast,

I recalled my sheer fright,

when seeing the creature,

switch on, my security light.


I told of it’s ‘panther-like’ hind quarters;

so powerful and sleek,

and it’s tail, like a bullwhip,

that rendered me weak.


And how I was too scared to go out

and check it’s paw prints;

by now the response from neighbours

held dubious hints,


about whether I had been drinking

a quick Christmas ‘tot’?

I strenuously replied

that I certainly had not!


And that the big cat I saw,

was as real as could be,

and was a sight, I suspected,

that would stay long with me.


For there IS a wild cat out there;

be in no doubt.

If you’re lucky you’ll see it,

whilst you are out and about.


It could take you by chance

and you will catch a breath.

It’s a sight for your eyes,

that you’ll take to your death.


Perhaps with it comes luck,

like seeing a four-leafed clover;

though the probability low,

if you search the world over.


But for me it explained,

why two of my cats, I’d found dead,

with no rhyme or reason,

in my garden flower bed,


without a mark on them;

as if killed for fun,

when the main objective was

to chase and then stun,


and leave them for dead,

as if chicken feed,

when the hunt for a muntjac,

more, satisfied a greed.


I’ll never make logic of it;

I can only surmise,

and say it consumed my thoughts,

when it took me, by surprise.


Now, when ramblers sight them,

in the surrounding countryside,

I remain perfectly quiet,

to protect my pride.


Though their vision the same

as the one I conceived;

I know it’s unlikely

they will be believed.


I so wish to this day,

I could have faced a new friend.

But the truth of the matter is;

I only saw its rear end!









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