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June 18, 2014



Here they come;

the usual suspects;

reliable to the end.


The first in the queue,

the rubber-neckers

who’s eyes on stalks, extend.


‘Could you please sign here,

for my collection,

then I’ll be on my way,


and if you’d sign thirty more

for my charity,

it would really make my day.


and if you’ve time

could I possibly beg of you,

on my buttocks, sign your name,


then I can take a selfie

to pop in my album,

so you can be, my claim to fame.


And if I can delay you further,

now it has started to rain,

would you say hello to my brother


who is your biggest fan ever,

along with my closest aunt

and my long departed mother!


Your time is at a premium,

and I know there’s others

waiting in the queue,


but this is the only chance

that I may ever get,

to have a quick word with you!




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