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August 18, 2014



And now the time

is coming near,

I dread the loss,

holding back a tear.


I now realise

my only fear,

is being alone

without you here.


But life goes on,

and you must grow,

and follow your dream,

and wild oats sow.


And greet the world,

you’ve yet to know,

where lesser men

have dared not go.


So leave me child;

You have my blessing.

My broken heart,

I am caressing.


Uplift your spirit.

Explore your mind.

Knowing you are loved,

by those left behind.


And never look back

with a pang of guilt,

when deeply engrossed

in castles you’ve built.


Just spend your time

doing as you please;

My sorrow, in time,

I know will ease.


And this transition time,

that had to be faced,

will be good for us both,

with new ideas embraced.


As we both discover,

that the power of love,

is an invisible bond,

on the wings of a dove.


And knowing we have

each others full backing,

will make up for any

tactile feeling, lacking.


And with chains now broken,

you are free to fly.

And with my blessing,

reach for the sky. 












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