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August 6, 2016



Plenty of strings to Roger’s bow,

as all his pals have come to know.


Now you see it, now it’s gone;

slight of hand outwits the lookers-on.


Well known as being one of Woodcock’s crowd;

yet another who did ‘Haslingden Grammar’ proud.


Now you see it, or thought you did,

but there’s nowt there, when he lifts the lid!


Much joy gained from ‘Irish Folk’ –

to ‘Progressive Rock’, from this heart of oak.


Now you see it – Lord above,

from up his sleeve appears a dove!


A Crown Prosecutor, and so much more,

is this Rossendale lad, living in Helmshore.


Now you see her – sawn in two,

then stuck together, with ‘No Nails’ glue.


Roger’s friends include Liz and Jerry,

and Craig and Ian, taken for a Curry.


Now you see it, from one so slick,

the world’s most amazing, hot card trick.


The Dubliner’s ‘Waltzing Matilda’ he will defend,

and claims to be a relative of Pete Townsend.


Now you see him – ‘Who Are You’?

so multi-talented, it isn’t true.


‘I Vow To Thee My Country’ – his old school tune.

This Magic Circle member, will be with you soon.


Now you’ll see him, but not for long,

His vanishing act will always, prove you wrong.


Plenty of strings to Roger’s bow,

and here’s a few, no doubt you know.


Now you see it, my one and only try,

to ‘big-up’ Roger, now I’m off . Goodbye.


Written by Harriet Blackbury.







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