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March 26, 2021



In 80, Roger Daltrey, on Polydor,

raced to No.39 with ‘Free Me’.

And in 05, ‘Free My Name’, on Sanctuary,

for Ocean Colour Scene, reached No.23.


In 78, Free, rose to No.11,

on Island, with ‘Free EP’.

And in 84, ‘I Want To Break Free’,

on EMI, for Queen, made the Top 3.


In 73, ‘Free Electric Band’, on Mums,

gave Albert Hammond, a No.19.

And in 80, ‘Running Free’, on EMI,

for Iron Maiden, also a No.19.


In 94, ‘Free Spirit’, on Parlophone,

for Kim Appleby, was at No.51, seen.

And in 04, ‘Freedom Fighters’, on Virgin,

gave Music, a No.15.


In 93, Jon Secado had a Top 50,

with ‘I’m Free’, on SBK.

And also in 93, ‘Free To Love Again’,

made No.58, for Suzette Charles, on RCA.


In 77, Deniece Williams, reached No.1,

with ‘Free’, on CBS.

And in 84, ‘Freedom’, on Epic, gave Wham,

a gold selling US & UK No.1 success.


In 87, ‘Free’ on Mercury, made No.56,

for Curiosity Killed The Cat.

And in 97, ‘Freed From Desire’, on Big Life,

found Gala, with a silver selling No.2 hat.


In 97, ‘Free’, on Positiva,

saw DJ Quicksilver at No.7.

And in 01, ‘Free’, on Interscope,

for Mya, peaked at No.11.


In 95, Free Spirit reached No.68,

on Columbia, with ‘No More Rainy Days’.

And in 2000, ‘Freedom’, on Mute,

gave Erasure, a No.27 gaze.


In 01, ‘Free At Last’, on Positiva,

took Simon to No.36.

And in 95, ‘Free As A Bird’, on Apple –

a No.2, for the Beatles, ending this mix.


written by Harriet Blackbury.



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