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May 23, 2016



Last week I lost my ‘Jolly’ gene;

events got the better of me.

News, not so good, arrived unannounced

on a daily basis you see.


There seemed no end to suffering;

all sorts of memories flooded back.

Re-opening dusty compartments,

where ghosts from the past attack.


Last week I lost my ‘Jolly’ gene,

and in isolation sat.

Over – thinking as I tend to do,

when numb and feeling flat.


There seemed no end to misery;

I thought how life unfair,

and worried for the outcome,

of those, now facing their nightmare.


Last week I lost my ‘Jolly’ gene;

life stopped me in mid-stream.

A good spell of going forward,

broken with a scream.


There seemed no point in mixing,

but if only I’d been aware,

that you too were sat in darkness,

without your ‘Jolly’ gene, beside you there?


Last week I lost my ‘Jolly’ gene,

but with time, it will return.

Sharing support, the answer,

when for the past we yearn.


So next time you lose your ‘Jolly’ gene,

and sense you fail to see,

just get in touch and let me know,

and we’ll chat until we are gloom-free.



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