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May 26, 2016



‘In’ says Corbyn

as does Blair,

but ‘out’ says Boris,

flicking hair.


‘In’ says Cameron

so does Major.

‘In’ says Brown –

there goes my wager.


‘In’ says Hezza

so does Clarke.

Two trusted stalwarts

make their mark.


‘In’ says Obama

nervous but brave.

‘Out’ says Thatcher

from the grave.


‘In’ says Osborne

with little material clout.

‘Out’ maybe The Queen

though there is doubt.


‘In’ says Teresa

but only just,

whilst Mrs Merkel

says ‘In’ – a must.


‘In’ says Cleggy

and Farron too.

Trump says ‘Out’

his point of view.


 ‘In’ on some days,

then ‘out’ makes sense.

My bum so sore

sitting on the fence.


‘In’ says Sturgeon

and Lagarde.

No opinion yet

from Stratford’s Bard. 


‘In’ says Soames

but ‘Out’ Lord Owen.

Who knows which way

this thing is going?


‘Out’ says Gove

and Lawson too,

and for JCB –

a Brexit view.


So much to weigh up

So much brain strain,

but a wasted vote

if I abstain.


‘In’ says Abbott

and ‘Out’ Portillo –

a friendly fight due

with a political pillow.


‘In’ says Jaguar

and Land Rover.

I’ll be so glad

when voting over.


‘In’ say The Kinnocks

through family ties,

which kind of comes

as no surprise.


 ‘In’ says Mandelson.

‘Out’ says Rees-Mogg

The answer clear

as pea-soup fog.


‘Out’ says Putin –

Europe’s backbone gone.

Lord Archer relaxed,

another Best Seller, No. 1


‘In’ say those

you wouldn’t think!

I’m so confused

I’ll turn to drink.


‘Out’ says Farage

with pint in hand.

‘Out’ says Whittingdale,

‘making a stand’.


But If ‘Out’ is do-able,

how long the wait

before progress seen?

is the main debate


Little clues from Dimbleby,

or ‘This Week’s’ Neil,

though Molly’s advice

my vote would seal.


So many undeclared

we can’t lean upon.

Impartial too has to be,

The Speaker – John


That man of letters, Johnson –

the campaign leader of ‘In’,

whilst IDS a firm ‘Outer’

shaking loud the tin.


And ‘Out’ forever

has been Bill Cash,

but Prescott’s ‘In’

with fists that bash.


‘In’ says Ashdown

and ‘In’ says Steel

so too Baroness Williams

I strongly feel.


Some say voting ‘In’ would fix

what isn’t yet broken?

Whilst voting ‘Out’ – a verbal minefield,

as yet unspoken?


‘In’ says Richard Branson,

‘In’ says Karren Brady

Respect, both for him

and this wise business Lady.


And If such proven leaders

(who know more than we)

are saying we must stay –

it’s making sense to me!


Whilst Brexit sounds OK in theory,

too many mavericks would be in charge,

and if it all went ‘belly up’

we’d be exposed to the world at large?


So ‘Yippee’ – what a sweetener,

to have Lord Sugar close at hand.

Some sense, at last on offer,

to help us clearly understand,


as the right cross indeed is vital –

we all must have our say,

and now someone we believe in

might finally save the day.


Taken from my Collection at  www.blackbury-poems.com 




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