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January 22, 2014



When in mellow moments

that the mind enjoys,

her memory drifted back

to long forgotten boys.


Some were built for fun,

and knew how, the game to play.

Whilst others caused heartache

when they went on their way.


Some came and went overnight,

and others lingered longer.

One stood her up in the rain;

the rat, making her feel stronger.


Some appeared out of the blue,

as if to test the water.

Causing alarm and dismay,

and never fit for darling daughter.


 Some came with excess baggage.

Others came with none at all.

One climbed in the bedroom window.

Her father chased him down the hall.


One came with grand illusions.

The world, he thought he ruled.

But he had cotton wool for brains,

and so their friendship cooled.


One appeared from another planet,

who seemed to be unique.

He wore flares and liked banana’s,

and owned a small boutique.


One came from the tropics,

on a mad hot summer day.

but she was not home at the time,

so her mother sent him on his way.


There was one who had a scooter;

a Lambretta, she did recall.

Who loved himself to bits,

so from grace, she let him fall.


Another arrived from Europe,

with his knapsack on his back,

claiming the war was over,

but giving her mother a heart attack.


There was one right from the start,

who her father couldn’t stand,

and thought, if she stuck with him,

in trouble, she would land.


Then came the one she’d marry;

a most unlikely type,

who caught her on the hop,

and filled her head with tripe.


 He said ‘Don’t hang your star on me,

I’ve got girls in many parts’.

‘I’m not your long term future’. –

So wrong he proved – her king of hearts!
















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