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March 16, 2012


Improve your looks,  renovate your face,

Have plastic surgery, just in case.


Your crows feet are now growing toes,

Don’t go outside when the cold wind blows.


Conceal your past, cleanse your mind,

The new you is here – and oh, so refined.


Recycle your thoughts, yesterday doesn’t matter,

You can’t join in any wartime chatter !


Look into the mirror, are you still there?

Oh my Goodness, there’s some grey in your hair!


Your laughter lines have gone under the knife,

And the heart bypass should extend your life.


But tell me truly, what is the point!

with arthritis creeping into every joint.


You’re bottom is sagging and to tell you straight,

You seem to me to be overweight!


You look like an oddity, something’s not right.

What on earth do you see, when you undress at night ?


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