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September 3, 2013



I never knew how much you loved me.

I thought you’d left to get away.

I never knew that when you went

to your post box, that finding no

mail from me, caused you dismay.


I thought that after the initial separation,

you’d find a new life, which would run

parallel, to the one you had left me to

cope with, here in the house, in which

we were both supposed to dwell.


It was a time when communications

were long winded –

a letter taking well over a week,

and a desert storm had started brewing,

hence, others charms I thought you’d seek.


If I’d realised how much you were missing me,

my undying love to you I would have given.

If I’d known how much you’d needed me,

through a sandstorm, I would have driven.


What fools, to assume we were finished,

by listening to words never said.

And in so doing, coming to the wrong

conclusions –

What years we wasted, going out of our head!




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