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April 28, 2012



Fellow members, one and all

Listen to my voice

I am the chairman, the one who counts

So you really don’t have a choice


Do you agree with the minutes,

Can I sign them as being correct?

The secretary has fled to Rome

So raise your hand if you do object


The first item on the agenda

Is concerning the ladies loo

Where not one door is lockable

Oh, what is a maiden to do?


Next item is about the pickled eggs

Has anyone got some spare jars?

If so we’ll pickle some onions too

They’ll fit in the boot of our cars


Then we come to the question

Of who’ll host the garden party in May?

Last year only five people turned up

But at least we didn’t turn anyone away


Next I’ll pose you this thought

Of who’ll fill my seat when I’m dead?

If I know, I can start to train them now

Because the job comes with so much dread


I’ve held down this post as Chairman

For years totalling many a score

I never seem to have any challengers

As no one new ever walks through the door!




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