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May 28, 2012



When it comes to chairs, he’s sat in them all,

Even the one in the corner, against the wall.


He doesn’t like the one nearest to the telly,

It gives him cramp and his foot turns to jelly.


The one in the window really cricks his neck

And when he stands up he shouts ‘Oh Heck’


Even on the sofa he has some moans,

As it wasn’t made for his tired old bones.


He’s tried the rocker, by the back the door.

But he fell asleep and slid onto the floor.


The old recliner, has safety wings,

But this plays havoc with his private ‘things’


The dining chair he finds too erect,

One hasn’t been made that he finds perfect


Every time he sits down to read the paper,

He springs up again, two seconds later.


This chair tester baffles his wife, it’s true,

That’s why she’s bought a tube of super glue.




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