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January 2, 2014



No bitterness within his veins.

So God-like in word and deed.

For others, a life he did sacrifice,

without any price agreed.


No questions did he ask.

He took his punishment in his stride.

And finally when freedom came,

he was loved the whole world wide.


A man of men, so mentally stoic,

living an existence no man should endure.

Yet, throughout his incarceration,

staying gentle with thoughts so pure.


These days we quibble over minor discomforts.

What must that have looked like to him?

A spoiled lot we have all turned out to be,

expecting life to be full to the brim.


What use are good examples,

if their work, forgotten, as soon as they die?

In case he is able to look down from heaven,

we must keep that twinkle alive in his eye.




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